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Wendy and the rest of the Koopalings appear as bosses in New Super Mario Bros. She appears to be the only one of the seven original Koopalings who has not gone through any major design changes for the game. In the game's intro, Wendy, the other Koopalings, and Bowser Jr.

capture Princess Peach at her birthday party with a giant cake.

The flood not only slows the movement of the player(s), but also that of Wendy and her rings.

When Wendy is defeated, she falls off-screen and Mario gets the key to World 5.

Her airship is like the other Koopalings', with her face on the front, but her ship has the addition of skids on the bottom matching the ice skates she wears in battle.

Oddly, for some strange reason, when Wendy enters her shell after being being stomped on, the spinning sound will not start until after she begins to move her shell. Wendy, as well as her siblings are featured in the Super Mario anime series, a set of three Japanese OVAs.

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When she is defeated by the third jump, she retreats back to her castle.

They flee on their airship with Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, and Blue Toad following them closely behind.

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